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    Install Options is an addon for use by the excellent NSIS installer. NSIS is a very powerful install program, but one feature it lacks is the ability to prompt the user for additional information during the install process. Currently, your only option for prompting the user is through the use of Message boxes and Yes/No questions.

Install Options changes this. It allows the creation of dialog boxes which fit seamlessly inside the NSIS install window and gives the developer the power to prompt the user for a wide range of data.

Install Options adds very little overhead to your installation package, making it great for applications distributed over the Internet.

Some of the features in the current version:

  • Seamless integration with NSIS.
  • All dialogs are created at runtime by reading the layout from a configuration file.
    • Allows dialog boxes to be changed dynamically by the install program based on selected options.
    • No need to recompile the program if the dialog changes.
  • Wide range of controls.
    • Static text display
    • Text boxes (including password fields)
    • Comboboxes (with or without text entry)
    • NEW! Listbox controls (both single and multiselect)
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio buttons
    • File and Directory browsers
  • Validation of selected values.
    • Allows setting minimum/maximum lengths for textboxes.
    • Require the user to select an item from a combobox.
    • Require selection of an existing file or directory.
  • Extremely small size.
    • Executable is 9KB! Adds less than 5KB to the installation package when compressed.
    • Multiple dialogs within one install package will only include this once.
  • Open source.
    • Install Options is distributed under the same license as NSIS, which gives you unlimited ability to customize its operation.

Updated 11/18/2001 Copyright © 2001 Michael Bishop